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Moldovan speaker attends international conference on constitutional control

14:28 | 02.03.2017 Category: Official

Chisinau, 2 March /MOLDPRES/- Parliament Speaker Andrian Candu today attended the opening of an international conference “Development of constitutional control in Europe: lessons learned and new challenges”, the parliament’s communication and public relations department has reported.

The speaker said that although authorities had to work hard for Moldova to become a really rule of law, with justice corresponding to expectations, it should occur via joint efforts of all state powers, and the role of the court of constitutional jurisdiction was overwhelming.

“The Constitutional Court’s independence must be protected from any political interference, and attitude towards constitutional court decisions should be respectful and directly proportional to the level of political maturity of governments and society in general”, Candu said.

The speaker said that the Constitutional Court jurisprudence analysis showed that the supreme law of the country was not used for political or group interests.

“In the last period, the role of the Constitutional Court was definitive in resolving legal and political conflicts between authorities. By adopting the decision on constitutionality of the Association Agreement with EU, the Constitutional Court pointed out that Moldova’s European integration process was a defining element of constitutional identity and any other approach is unconstitutional”, he said.

In the context, the speaker remarked that ensuring European values Moldova had assumed once signing the Association Agreement was a fundamental moment for constitutional justice. For this reason, the Constitutional Court acts reflect the directions of development of society, as the guarantor of rights and freedoms.

The conference was organised by the Constitutional Court in cooperation with the Venice Commission of the Council of Europe, with participation of judges of 22 constitutional courts from abroad. Attending the event was also President of the Venice Commission Gianni Buquicchio.