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Energy regulator approves new tariffs for electric energy supplied to consumers from north Moldova

16:20 | 17.03.2017 Category: Economic

Chisinau, 17 March /MOLDPRES/ - The Administrative Board of the National Energy Regulatory Agency (ANRE) today approved an increase in the tariff for electric energy supplied to residents by the company ”Furnizarea Energiei Electrice Nord” (Electric Energy Supply North) for the North and North-West regions, by 3.9 and 5.1 per cent, respectively.      

The new tariff for the electric energy provided to the consumers connected to the low-tension electricity lines was set for RED Nord at 2.12 lei for one KW/hour against the present rate of 2.04 lei, and at 2.25 lei for one KW/hour for the power distribution networks of RED Nord-Vest, against the present one of 2.14 lei. When establishing the new tariffs, the financial deviations accumulated as a result of the Moldovan leu’s depreciation in the last years were taken into account.  

The stock company ”Furnizarea Energiei Electrice Nord” demanded a 9.9-per cent increase against the present tariff, up to 2.16 lei for one KW/hour, for the residents of the region served by RED Nord and 2.35 lei for the clients served by RED Nord-Vest, respectively an increase of 6.27 per cent and 9.9 per cent.  

The tariffs for end consumers connected to the medium-tension networks, basically economic agents, were increased in the RED Nord zone from 1.82 to 1.84 lei and from 1.86 to 2.01 lei in the RED Nord-Vest region.  

The electric energy operators from North Moldova asked for the rescheduling of the historical financial deviations for a period of up to five years, against four years, as earlier planned; as a result, the pressure on the tariff has decreased. Also, the tariff’s estimation at a lower exchange rate than the one taken into account in the case of the decision from March 2016. Also, the expenditures taken into account when setting the costs were reduced as well.

The tariffs will enter into force on the date of publication in Monitorul Oficial (Official Journal).

(Reporter V. Bercu, editor L. Alcaza)