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Moldovan prime minister convenes Exceptional Situations Commission's meeting

13:30 | 21.04.2017 Category: Official

Chisinau, 21 April /MOLDPRES/ – Prime Minister Pavel Filip called the meeting of the Commission for Emergency Situations in the early morning of 21 April, in order to coordinate the emergency measures required to ensure the citizens’ protection and to assess the damage caused by bad meteorological conditions, the government’s communication and protocol department has reported.  

In the context of the exceptional situation declared following the heavy snowfall, the Prime Minister requested the involvement of the National Armed Forces to solve the consequences of the bad weather in Moldova. At the same time, the Premier demanded that the activity of the Crisis Cell created by the authorities to continue in the coming days.

The Prime Minister urged the population to refrain from travelling on the Memorial Easter, given that meteorologists are still announcing bad weather. Similarly, Pavel Filip ordered the schools, kindergartens and hospitals to be connected to the heat, as well as to take measures to re-connect the localities to electricity.

Another topic put to the forefront by the Prime Minister was the measures to be taken to support agricultural producers: "We need a more accurate assessment of damages, which means good local organization for damages. On the basis of these assessments we will also be able to take measures to compensate for some of the losses suffered by agricultural producers," said Pavel Filip.

At the same time, the Prime Minister asked the Environment Ministry and local public authorities to monitor the level of water in rivers and aquatic basins and to take the necessary measures to prevent possible exits from the waterbeds.

Authorities and institutions responsible for managing the situation urge people to stay in homes today, as outward weather can create major travel difficulties. Also, rescuers urge citizens to maintain their calm and take account of messages sent by the authorities.