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Draft law on meal vouchers registered in Moldovan parliament

15:27 | 17.05.2017 Category: Social

Chisinau, 17 May /MOLDPRES/ - The draft law on the issuance of meal vouchers for employees has been registered in parliament. Parliament Speaker Andrian Candu made statements to this effect today. He said that the draft might be considered in next July.

According to Candu, this draft is a legal possibility to provide the employees with a real net supplement to the salary. “The money offered by employers for meal vouchers will not be taxed and for economic agents, this will be a spending subject to cut. This system, implemented in more European countries, is an instrument which, besides the social part, gives also the country possibility for economic growth. In this way, they fight against salaries in envelopes and tax dodging,” Candu said.  

The meal vouchers are proposed to be worth 45 lei per one effectively worked day. This money will not be taxed and could be used exclusively for food products. The value of meal vouchers will be indexed annually. The vouchers could used in food stores, canteens, restaurants and coffee houses. Also, they could not be exchanged for money and no change will be given from the voucher’s value.         

Also today, the parliament speaker said that a working group would start its activity soon, with the task to improve the audiovisual legislation. “There are over 20 persons delegated by more national and international organizations. Till late 2017, they will come up with proposals on improving the national legislation on media,” Candu said.  

According to the parliament speaker, the MPs will not convene at plenary meetings this week.

(Reporter A. Zara, editor L. Alcaza)