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Moldovan official journal roundup for 19 May

12:07 | 18.05.2017 Category: Social

Chisinau, 18 May /MOLDPRES/- The minimum amounts of salary or wage tariff will be set in relation to the qualification, professional training and skills of the employee, according to a government decision on the salary of the employees in the units with financial autonomy, published in the Official Journal of Moldova on 19 May.

The document sees wage differentiation by categories of employees, ranging from unskilled workers to management staff should be not less than 1 to 2 minimum guaranteed salaries.

Earlier, the government has set that the minimum guaranteed wage will be 2,380 lei. Thus, under the government decision, unskilled workers will get at least one minimum guaranteed wage, average skilled workers – 1.20 of minimum guaranteed wage, upper-level workers – 1.4, specialists – 1.50 and management staff – 2 minimum guaranteed wages.

The minimum guaranteed wage in the real sector does not include additional salary (bonuses, supplements, additions and current awards) and other incentive or compensation payments.

The decision enters into force on its publication in the Official Journal.


(Reporter A. Plitoc, editor A. Răileanu)