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Moldovan Democrats describe president's proposal on introducing mixed electoral system as "political trick"

15:02 | 18.04.2017 Category: Political

Chisinau, 18 April /MOLDPRES/ - The Democratic Party of Moldova (PDM)  today issued a press release, in which it described the proposed by President Igor Dodon on the introduction of the mixed electoral system  as “a political trick, an attempt to switch the society’s attention to something else.”

According to the PDM press service, the Democrats express regret for the fact that the head of state Igor Dodon and the Party of Socialists (PSRM) have not deemed  right to hold a constructive dialogue on this topic so far.    

“PDM believes that only the uninominal system would give citizens full control on the MPs from the future parliament and this fact quite clearly resulted from the public consultations we have had,” the communiqué reads.   

The Democrats also said that they remained open for discussions, including with the parties and representatives of the society who propose the mixed electoral system. “Let us set forth the arguments, why we consider that the uninominal system is fitter for the citizens. We will discuss will all parties interested in an open dialogue; we want political consensus on the change of the electoral system; yet, first of all, we want consensus in the society, from which our initiative proceeded,” the press release also reads.    

The head of the Liberal Democratic Party’s (PLDM) faction in parliament, Tudor Deliu, today also said that the president’s initiative on the change of the electoral system “is not welcome for Moldova.”  

President Igor Dodon told a today’s news conference that he would not support the Democrats’ initiative on the implementation of the uninominal voting and proposed introduction of the mixed electoral system. According to Dodon, the mixed electoral system implies the election of 51 MPs on party lists and another 50 in territorial electoral districts.   

(Reporter A. Zara, editor M. Jantovan)